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Where’ve you been?

If you’ve missed my posts, I am sorry for the protracted absence. My family recently added a new member and she has been a drain on my energy. It takes a lot out of me in the effort to take a lot out of her. We have been pretty diligent in the walking the dog … Continue reading

Unemployment claims another victim, my friend George

For those of you that have read my previous posts, I have an update for you about my friend, George. Apparently, his last official day of employment with the company will be Monday, April 22. At the very least, this will offer some closure for him as he pursues legal action, and he can now … Continue reading

Pleased to meet you (Chapter 1 from my book)

The next chapter of my evolving novel. Chapter 1 The tinkle on the tin roof was light at first, but soon picked up to a steady patter as the rain began to fall. The cabin was quaint and sparsely decorated, but it was exactly what Elise Jacobs felt she needed after having been dealt such a … Continue reading

Cops on weed: ‘No big deal.’

So far, I haven’t gotten too political on this blog, and I’m not going to sway you to one line of thinking or the other with this post. With that said, I have another work story to tell you. This happened yesterday at Kansas City International. A co-worker and I were on a lunch break … Continue reading

Thanks for being honest; you’re fired (sorta)

I have a friend that is struggling right now with job issues. Unfortunately these issues aren’t simply that he is looking for a job. We’ll call my friend George. George worked for a company for over 20 years before he came to work at the airport in Kansas City, as a result of economic downsizing … Continue reading

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