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Long time coming

Sorry for the delay, but I finally sat down and banged out a few pages. This is where it’s gone this go round. Chapter 8 Elise had prepared a small study in the cabin when she had first occupied it several weeks ago and had yet to put it to much use. As sparse as the … Continue reading

Heeere’s the next chapter (7)

I debated on which story line to continue telling for this chapter and ultimately it came down to the one that came out when I started writing it. It’s rough, so give me a break. Chapter 7 Jack and Doug were sitting closer to each other than either would have liked, but the coroner’s office … Continue reading

Empty (chapter 5)

This chapter begins a new storyline. If you were waiting for more between Elise and our mystery man then you will have to keep waiting. Sorry. Chapter 5 Jack Brown cussed himself when he hit the brakes of his service cruiser too hard, at the sound of his phone ringing, sending a fresh cup of … Continue reading

It’s on the tip of my tongue…(chapter 4)

For those interested parties, I apologize for the hiatus. The first few  chapters flowed really quickly, but this one came together a bit slower. It’s still pretty rough, but I’m posting it anyway for feedback purposes. Let me know what you think. Chapter 4 He had no concept of what an uncomfortable silence was, but she … Continue reading

And the book goes on… (chapter 3)

Sorry I didn’t get this up until so late, but I fell asleep early last night. I hope you guys like it. I’m pretty sure that I will probably change a few things in this chapter before I call it complete, but this is the “first draft.” Thanks! Chapter 3 Elise saw the lightning flash … Continue reading

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