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State of Michigan: “Show me the money!”

paternityPaternity test, shmaternity test. Who cares that you’re not the father?

We’re the state, and you had plenty of time to dispute the fallacious details of this case. The judge is claiming that during the last, nearly 25 years Carnell had plenty of opportunities to dispute the claim.

This post isn’t intended to defend Alexander or to condemn him. He’s spent several occasions in jail, which in one instance was in his favor. According to Alexander, a process-server claimed to have served him with papers for a hearing related to his alleged paternity. The second lie in this web of deceit labeling Alexander as the father.

“How can you start a case with a lie?” asked Carnell.  “The mom lied.  The process-server lied.  Now I have to pay for it,” said Alexander.

If you’re wondering, Alexander is currently on the hook to the tune of roughly $30,000.

This all began when Carnell Alexander’s ex-girlfriend decided to apply for welfare benefits and listed Alexander as the father of her child.

If this doesn’t scare the crap out of every man in America it should! What if an ex did the same to you? Worse still, what if you were selected at random from the phone book?

In one report, Alexander was holding the results of a paternity test exonerating him from the alleged paternity, but apparently the statute of limitations has run out on the ability to dispute that claim.

Judge Kathleen McCarthy of the Third Judicial Circuit Court is also upset saying, “I am outraged that Mr. Alexander for two and a half decades failed to take this matter seriously.”

What in the hell does her being outraged have to do with the truth?

This case should be thrown out, but because the state erroneously paid Alexander’s ex welfare benefits somebody has to pay. This is a clear representation of the fact that the courts in this country are not in pursuit of the truth; they are in pursuit of the judge’s perception/interpretation of the law.

The intent of the law shouldn’t be to provide only the wealthy and educated a vehicle for justice; the law should provide an opportunity for equilibrium in an otherwise imbalanced world.

It’s a shame that the court feels it is necessary to waste time and additional money pursuing “justice” against Alexander and have done nothing to the person that started this whole ordeal: Alexander’s ex.

If you don’t agree, feel free to comment and let me know.


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