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Have people lost the ability to speak?

A local restaurant here in good ole St. Joseph, Mo., had quite the attention the other day–for all the wrong reasons.

It seems that a Panda Express employee, while performing his job, became the victim of some “citizen journalism” thanks to people’s desire in our day and age to get social media attention.

Picture taken by Andrew Carpenean | St. Joseph News-Press

Picture taken by Andrew Carpenean | St. Joseph News-Press

Now for some back story.

According to the article on the St. Joseph News-Press website, Yvonne Mayer witnessed the employee sweeping the floor and then began sweeping tables tops and chairs using the same broom.

At this point, according to the story, “she quickly pulled out her phone to start recording” the employee in action.

Unfortunately, social media is creating a disconnect in our society that broadens daily. My question in this situation is for Ms. Mayer. Why didn’t you say something to the employee or the person sitting down at the “contaminated table?”

Mayer felt that she performed some sort of civic duty by shedding light on the situation by posting the video online and professing some outrage on Facebook. In the post she said, “Then a couple sat at one of these tables after he was done. All I can think was ‘I sure hope nobody stepped in any dog poop!'”

Again, put down the phone, open your mouth and say something!

Did she stop and think about the fact that she was sitting at a table that had been “cleaned” in a similar manner, so she wasn’t going to save anyone else because no one stopped her?

I’m not saying that you should always get involved in every situation you see, but she could have talked to the manager rather than blast the restaurant online.

One thing to think about is that we don’t know what type of training this employee received when instructed to clean the dining area. To many of us, it seems like common sense not to use a broom on a table, but without knowing how the young man grew up, it’s hard to condemn him. If any of you have ever watched renovation shows on TV or shows like Hoarders, you know that too many people live in filth.

I’ll get off my high horse, but come on people. Is it too difficult to open your mouth and say something?

Maybe I’m underreacting here, so I’ll let you be the judge by clicking the link and checking out the article and video yourselves.


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