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How I Learned to Trust The Needle


New to brew

One of my favorite Christmas presents this past year was a homebrew kit my wife got me. I know it’s been a while since Christmas, but I’m thinking about dedicating a segment of my blog to the art of home brewing. Since I’m still relatively new to this whole process, you’ll all get to share … Continue reading

State of Michigan: “Show me the money!”

Paternity test, shmaternity test. Who cares that you’re not the father? We’re the state, and you had plenty of time to dispute the fallacious details of this case. The judge is claiming that during the last, nearly 25 years Carnell had plenty of opportunities to dispute the claim. This post isn’t intended to defend Alexander … Continue reading

Have people lost the ability to speak?

A local restaurant here in good ole St. Joseph, Mo., had quite the attention the other day–for all the wrong reasons. It seems that a Panda Express employee, while performing his job, became the victim of some “citizen journalism” thanks to people’s desire in our day and age to get social media attention. Now for … Continue reading

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