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They grow up so fast…

My not so little, little girl, will be turning twelve tomorrow and she had a party today for a sleepover for this evening.

Fortunately, all of the girls at the party were not slated for the sleepover because wow, that would have been more fun than I could have handled.

God has to be teaching me a lesson that he didn’t feel was necessary for my wife to learn because when I was growing up the xy chromosomes outnumbered the double x.

I’m not saying that one is better than the other, but seriously, we are (men of course).

Anyway, the girls that remained behind for the overnight festivities decided to play Just Dance 4 and proceeded to scream for which song they would “perform” first.

Rick Astiley’s Never Gonna Give You Up, was of course referred to as, “Let’s do the ‘Rick Roll‘ song.”

When did that poor schlep become a punch line?

What the heck did he do but provide the cookie cutter awesomeness that Michael McDonald demanded he create?

With this aside, it’s interesting sitting here listening to the goofy chatter of the opposite sex at this age compared to what I remember being the focus of my boyhood at 12.

The girls want to watch movies to make fun of them.

Am I missing something? When did youth go all Mystery Science Theatre 3000? Do they even know what that show is? Is it just a girl thing?

I remember wanting to do fun things, like play baseball or watch a movie because it was something I wanted to see.

Maybe this is all a product of me getting older and not understanding some of the goofiness of today’s youth or maybe they’re just goofier.

Deep down I don’t think that boys are really all that different than girls–I mean, really deep down, so far down you’d probably have to bring in a search party and call the FBI to find out how deep down the deep down goes–but even superficially there are differences.

On a lighter note, I will be working on getting another chapter of the book posted within the next evening or so, so stay posted.



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