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It’s time to wake up America

Your Senator Is (Probably) a Millionaire – NYTimes.com.


This article is, by media standards, a relic; however, it still holds quite a bit of valuable information for a balanced perspective on what is wrong with America.

It seems, at least to me, that a large contingent of Americans want to blame the Republicans (GOP) for being greedy, rich, money-hording bastards–if you’ll pardon my French. If you click the link above, you will get to see that the TOP 6 richest Senators of 2008 were from the party of the ‘common man’ Democrats. Their average net worth was nearly $146 million. That amount is staggering when considering they continue to draw a salary on taxpayer dime and reap the benefits of a public subsidized healthcare.

It seems to me if they truly wanted to demonize the GOP, the best course of action for the Democrats in office would be to refuse their salary. If that’s unpopular, we could just mandate that for people owning a net worth greater than $10 million are ineligible to receive a dime of taxpayer-based money in any form.

Let’s see just how many people would be clamoring for these “noble” positions when there’s little to no reward.

My biggest question: How can poverty-stricken people believe that these rich, fat cats actually care about them? Someone once said in a conversation/debate that he was willing to provide taxation to feed and house people just to keep ‘them’ (the poverty-stricken) from breaking in his house and taking what they wanted. Basically meaning that if you throw them a crumb they’ll leave you alone. I guess in a weird way that makes sense to some people. What happens when they want more and you don’t want to give it to them?

Sorry for getting off on a tangent there. The bottom line for me is that people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I personally don’t think many people in Washington are concerned with the plight of the average American anymore. Too many of them are constantly worried about getting reelected rather than getting Americans back in better paying jobs or even working period.

If someone wants to comment, go ahead, but don’t spout employment figures until you completely understand how they’re calculated.


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