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Long time coming

Sorry for the delay, but I finally sat down and banged out a few pages. This is where it’s gone this go round. Chapter 8 Elise had prepared a small study in the cabin when she had first occupied it several weeks ago and had yet to put it to much use. As sparse as the … Continue reading

Good news, bad news

A giant sigh of relief as a long-awaited opportunity finally came through for my wonderfully talented wife. She has been teaching for several years now and has applied to the Saint Joseph School District many times. After so many tries, my wife was beginning to think she had become the definition of insanity: repeating the … Continue reading

They grow up so fast…

My not so little, little girl, will be turning twelve tomorrow and she had a party today for a sleepover for this evening. Fortunately, all of the girls at the party were not slated for the sleepover because wow, that would have been more fun than I could have handled. God has to be teaching me a … Continue reading

Who knew driftwood was so dangerous

This is a throwback to my childhood. I’m not really sure what made me think of this story, and as my mother likes to embellish things, there may be some of that within the next paragraph or two. My family, when I was growing up, would make a nearly annual pilgrimage to the great state … Continue reading

When it rains, it pours

My parents were lucky enough to get home the other day to the wonderful sound of rushing water. No, I’m not talking about the sound coming from a waterfall or some raging river–this was inside their house. Who wouldn’t feel that gut-wrenching rush of adrenaline as you seek the source of running water when you … Continue reading

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