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Word of the day say what?

Logo from Merriam Webster Website.

Logo from Merriam Webster Website.

I figured since starting to write a book, it would be helpful to try to learn at least one “new” word each day to broaden my lexicon.

I figured that the source of the WOTD was irrelevant and that any new word would be helpful. Right?

Well, I pulled up the Mirriam Webster website for their word of the day today and this is what I found (read past the MW stuff, I’m not done):

Word of the Day: ceorl \CHAY-orl\


noun: a freeman of the lowest rank in Anglo-Saxon EnglandEXAMPLES”The most prominent ranks were the king, the nobleman or thegn, and the ordinary freeman or ceorl.” — From an article in the Eastern Daily Press #Norfolk, England#, October 11, 2012

via Merriam-Webster Online.

I don’t know exactly who over at MW comes up with this stuff or if it is all a cosmic accident but how is knowing this word going to be helpful? Other than providing fodder for another blog post that is.

I suppose if I were to endeavor to write a story focusing on Anglo-Saxon character this would prove beneficial, but I don’t see myself putting in the research to do this anytime in the near future.

Does anyone else find this WOTD entry odd?


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