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Try, try…why do I bother?


Do you ever have one of those days where it seems you can do nothing right and whatever you say seems to be the wrong thing and people, at least to you, seem to overreact?

I know I have, in fact, it seems for quite some time that I have simply been spinning my wheels.

Does anyone else feel that way?

I try to keep my head down, nose to the grindstone and try to do whatever is asked of me and it still never seems to be good enough.

Is it just me?

Do people ever get rewarded for hard work anymore?

Does this sound like I’m starting to be depressed?

Well, I guess on some level, I am. I know I have my family, but when my time with them is so limited I start to feel cheated.

I know I took the path less traveled for getting my degree. But, is it asking too much that I simply be given an opportunity to succeed now that I finally have it?

Maybe it would sting less if I had a job that didn’t have me commuting almost 40 minutes to work in a thankless job for a company that is ALWAYS looking for an opportunity to fire more employees. The icing on the cake with my job is knowing the multitude of people that hate me the instant they see me because of the uniform I wear.

Is there a job I could have where I could be more hated?

I doubt it?

So many people come through the checkpoint daily and turn their arrogant noses up at me and my co-workers, it makes me physically ill at times.

I know that this plays a part in me hating my job, but who wouldn’t despise being despised?

The worst part is that I have a family to provide for and can’t simply quit and go somewhere else.

Why you ask?

Simple. I get paid too well to find a job at a comparable wage. Isn’t that sick? I have a degree and for the FEW jobs that I’ve been on interviews–believe me they’ve been few–companies are guarding their bottom line and appear willing to only pay slave wages for entry-level positions.

If any company took a reality check and did an assessment, they would see that $25,000 for a college graduate that put the time and effort in to getting their piece of paper is a slap in the face.

I doubt that many of you will even bother to read this because I don’t receive many likes or comments, but at least I got that off my chest. Thank you to anyone that read this and felt anything, even if all you felt was remorse for treating a TSA screener like human waste.


About Todd Fuller

After a really long search, I found work that I feel is more relevant to my degree--technical writing. While it's not what I initially envisioned doing, it's actually been very enjoyable and rewarding work. I guess I feel like there is still more out there to do, so I've decided I will try the whole blogging thing again and resurrect this site. If anyone's still out there, enjoy and feel free to comment.


3 thoughts on “Try, try…why do I bother?

  1. I thought my roots were pretty set a few years ago. But then I found a job a long ways from home and I have never been happier. We are you expecting to find in joe town hoe town?

    And yes there are jobs where people hate you more than a tsa agent. If I have done my job right for the last 6 years then there has been multiple times people have thought about killing me. I can tell you for sure that yes I have done my job right. I change the route I take home because I worry people are following me. Whenever I go out with my family I am on a constant scan for anyone who might recognize me and want to harm me or my family. So I am sorry being a tsa agent is so rough, try working the McDonalds drive through window sometime. “They always f%$^ you in the drive through.” – Lethal Weapon 2 or 3.

    Posted by Anonymous | May 5, 2013, 9:15 pm
  2. I messed up today and forgot to tell them no pickles on a sandwich, The guy came back and through the pickles at me. My manager made me eat them off the floor. Remember drive thru workers are people too.

    Posted by Anonymous | May 8, 2013, 7:32 pm

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