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Is there a support group for that?

I wasn’t posting much around the time of the “Great Sledding Tragedy” of winter 2013, so you wouldn’t know that my youngest tried to knock her front teeth clean out of her head, unless you’re a friend of mine on Facebook.

Well, apparently my daughter has decided that bashing her teeth against things is the preferred method of tooth loosening. Yesterday, according to my wife, Sophia smacked her mouth against another kid’s head and voila–another super loose tooth.

Fortunately she’s got a head full of baby teeth yet to lose or this could get really expensive.

Yogurt was challenging her tooth tonight or the spoon, I guess because she told me the spoon tried to knock her tooth out. She must have hit her head harder than we thought if she doesn’t remember it.

Oh well, I guess she be toothless soon or this will be good training for the hardest-head-in-the-world contest. I’m thinking about starting her training regimen soon. She’s definitely got a fighting chance.



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