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Pleased to meet you (Chapter 1 from my book)

Lightning strike from wallpixy.com.

Lightning strike from wallpixy.com.

The next chapter of my evolving novel.

Chapter 1

The tinkle on the tin roof was light at first, but soon picked up to a steady patter as the rain began to fall.

The cabin was quaint and sparsely decorated, but it was exactly what Elise Jacobs felt she needed after having been dealt such a crushing blow to her career. She had been on the top of the world such a short while ago. She had been one of the foremost psychiatrists in the world; having specialized in hypnotherapy she helped others overcome their worst fears and phobias. Unfortunately, there was still something missing in Elise’s life, which was her biggest fear and she had no idea how to combat it.

Elise was sitting in an overstuffed chair, a comfortable distance from the fire she had started a few hours before. She knew that she should be comfortable sitting here, but she was anything but comfortable.

Elise hated storms.

She didn’t mind the rain so much, but she absolutely hated storms, and she knew with every fiber of her being that this storm was going to be a doozy.

Sure, she thought to herself, “It only sounds like rain for now, but just wait.”  She had a sort of sixth sense about these things that had all started when she was 8 years old.

During a winter storm, Elise had gone off to school that morning as she had most mornings. She brought an umbrella with her when her mother admonished her that it was going to storm later in the day.  A storm front had moved in faster than the weatherman had projected and it brought with it coal gray thunderclouds that darkened the skies.  When she left the safety of the school house it was already pouring, but her umbrella kept her fairly dry.  As she walked, her feet were soaked within a few feet of the school. She trudged on knowing that her house was only a few blocks from school and she would be there soon.

After she had passed the half-way point between home and school, she saw it—lightning. For a second she was frozen and then she heard the thunder. The rumble was low and the build was slow, but Elise knew that it wouldn’t be long before the cacophonous sound of rolling thunder would be all around her and she was terrified. When the peal of thunder subsided, Elise quickened her pace towards her front door hoping to make it home before fear overtook her and trapped her in the elements.

When she turned the block and was facing her front door, Elise stuck her hand in her sweater pocket to retrieve her house key. Her fingers searched feverishly in her pocket when she didn’t immediately find the key tied to the pink ribbon, which allowed her to wear the key around her neck if she chose to do so.

Elise was only a few feet from the door, but she was paralyzed when she realized that she couldn’t find her key.  She frantically searched her other pockets for that small, metallic piece of salvation that would offer at least a small sanctuary from the roar of the storm. It was at this moment, that the lightning struck her small frame knocking her to the ground and everything went black.


About Todd Fuller

After a really long search, I found work that I feel is more relevant to my degree--technical writing. While it's not what I initially envisioned doing, it's actually been very enjoyable and rewarding work. I guess I feel like there is still more out there to do, so I've decided I will try the whole blogging thing again and resurrect this site. If anyone's still out there, enjoy and feel free to comment.


2 thoughts on “Pleased to meet you (Chapter 1 from my book)

  1. More, more — I want more! You’ve got me suckered in now, Todd……..keep up the good work. Momma Jan

    Posted by Anonymous | April 18, 2013, 10:45 am

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