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I can’t believe Shawn told her…


I hope this isn’t a prelude to the end of my family’s favorite TV show–Psych.
After all this time, we get to that seminal moment in Jules and Shawn’s relationship where Shawn is backed into a corner, and doubt about his Psychic ability is causing Jules intense anxiety. It’s at this momement where most of us are screaming at the TV, “You can’t tell her now; she’ll never forgive you, Shawn!” Shawn, swept away by the relationships of those around him, finally falls victim to his six-and-a-half season ruse of being a “psychic detective.”
As the cameras pan back and forth sweeping the area in slow motion, we see the angst written all over Shawn’s face as pleads to Jules to not ask him to tell her the truth.
Maybe the saving grace will be that he never actually uttered the words, or that this was all a dream sequence, but I fear that the Shawn and Juliette romance is doomed.
At least we can hope, that this will not spell the end of Psych itself, as is has been rumored to have been signed for an eigth season. Yes!
But, where do we go from here?
Will Jules reveal the secret to the captain?
It will obviously be interesting to see the dynamic of the show, sans the Shawn and Jules relationship, moving forward. I can’t wait to see some type of resolution to this matter, so that I won’t dwell on the what-ifs.
Fortunately, the next episode comes on next week, so we won’t have to wait an interminable amount of time to see what happens next.
Jules is a very smart, strong woman so it will probably take a while for her to get over the deception and the fact that she feels duped.
Next week seems so far away right now; it’s going to be a long week waiting to see how this all plays out.


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