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Giving back to the people


When times are tough, it’s certainly nice to see people giving something back–especially a politician.

So, I will applaud the mostly meaningless gesture that President Obama made by his sign of solidarity to the American populace by relinquishing 5% of his salary for the year.

Sounds good doesn’t it? However, that reduction is just slightly more than the non-taxable $19,000 the president is provided for official entertaining. It’s only a fifth of the $100,000 he gets for travel purposes, which is also not taxable.

So while superficially giving this money back looks really great, it’s clearly a ploy by a media savvy administration to paint their head guy as caring and giving.

While reading a blog or article today, someone posted that the president and family have to pay for food and sundry items used in the White House monthly. Wow, that has to stink.

Good thing they don’t have to pay for the other associated cost of operating their temporary home, because according to Katie Pavlich of townhall.com, the president would be homeless on his salary after one year.

The cost of the the Obama White House is roughly $1.4 billion to operate all aspects of the residence minus the money saved by closing the building to the public.

Check out the article here.

I know that there will be defenders of the president, but this move was exceedingly transparent.

No one in their right mind believes for a second that someone living in a home with calligraphers,  chefs and the other various attendants can possibly be in touch with the American public.

For another interesting read, check out this article from HowStuffWorks about presidential perks.



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