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Not just working for the weekend

Not only can I not find a job, but I am also finding it difficult to even be contacted for an invterview.

Maybe I’m just being too picky, but is it too much to ask that I not have to work for peanuts after obtaining a degree?

I see the prices at grocery stores go up; I look at the gas station next door and nearly get whiplash from watching them constantly changing the price; the electric company petitions some energy council for the right to charge me more than 10% more and the list of increases goes on, and on, and on with no end in sight.

I get tired of working and having everybody in my pocket–constantly asking for more–and me being asked to take less to get a job that I’m “educated” to do.

How can a potential employer even ask a 22-year-old, fresh college graduate to work for $8-10 per hour?

Have you seen the price of gas? Do you have any idea the staggering amount of PROFIT that oil companies make each fiscal quarter?

Too much of what we do is tied to the price of our energy, and yet we ask the people to work harder for less money so that we can drive up profits and make other people rich.

It’s getting harder everyday to justify even suggesting that a kid go to college unless he has a full-ride scholarship or his parents are willing to foot the bill.

What are you really going to say to the youth in America? ‘Hey, why not get a degree, so that you can saddle yourselft with crippling debt that you can’t declare bankruptcy from to evade it?’

Sounds like a recipe for long-term pain and suffering to me.

Maybe I’m just jaded because I’ve been looking for that first “real” job after graduation since December 2011.

I think one of the biggest crimes is that most employers don’t want to invest time in training an employee to do a job a particular way, they just want them to “hit the ground running,” so they ask that people have 3-5 years experience for even the most basic of jobs.

The most infuriating thing that you hear about finding a job is that you have to network. Why in the hell should I be expected to “use my network” when I don’t have a network? That is simply ludicrous.

College graduates should be able to apply to jobs and at least get a freaking interview so that they can set themselves apart, but hiring manager, like so many other people in this country, have gotten supremely lazy and want the “right” candidate to simply fall in their lap.

It would be nice if we could take back this country and actually make things again and have work ethic be a highly sought after attribute.

Good luck in all endeavours and wish me luck in mine.


About Todd Fuller

After a really long search, I found work that I feel is more relevant to my degree--technical writing. While it's not what I initially envisioned doing, it's actually been very enjoyable and rewarding work. I guess I feel like there is still more out there to do, so I've decided I will try the whole blogging thing again and resurrect this site. If anyone's still out there, enjoy and feel free to comment.


4 thoughts on “Not just working for the weekend

  1. Where is your About page?! It’s hard out there for us young fresh-out-of-college folks.

    Posted by becca3416 | April 12, 2013, 9:31 am

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